I like bookstores
Because it’s a safe haven
For me to escape to
Surrounded by all kinds of literature
Known by everyone

Bookstores make me feel happy
On rainy days
When the rain falls heavy from those grey dark clouds
Coming clean
And always needing
A place to hide

Bookstores make me feel surrounded in love
By pages once plain nut now tattooed
With languages and words
Only book obsessives and book addicts can understand
And I see why
Bookstores are a safe haven for book lovers

Bookstores are filled with love
When I walk into one
I’m at my most happiest
Bookstores are for book lovers

(C)Kateelizabethxo 2018 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


You Are Like My Home

You have a smile
That lights everything up
When you walk over to me
Even on your sad days
You have a smile that lights everything up

Your smile is like a lightbulb
That switches on instantly when you’re here
And then quickly dims
When you’re not

You always smile
To make me smile when I’m sad on my sad days
Your smile to me
Is like home
Because you are like my home

Grey Skies and Gloomy Beaches

This beach is so familiar
When people come to visit
Children laughing
Dogs running with sticks in their mouths
Having the time of their lives
And leaving their paw prints in the sand
Until waves wash them away

Setting foot on this beach
Everything smells like salt
From getting the sea in your throat from swallowing too much
Leaving that salty taste
Until it goes away

The sky changes from blue to grey
The clouds change to different shapes
This beach is gloomy
Instead of sunny
My footprints that I had left in the sand are nothing but a distant memory of things I once knew
My footprints are now gone
Because the tide washed it clean
And now
There’s nothing left

It’s now cold on this beach
The sun has gone into hiding
Slipping into the clouds that were once white but now grey
Afraid to come out
Staying where they are
But not in the light
But back into the dark

As I step off the beach
I can’t help but smile
When the tide arrives
To guard the footprints I had left in the sand

Why Are These Tears Falling?

I sit waiting for you to come home
But you haven’t yet
An hour since you went out
Lonely feeling starting to set in
I don’t think you’re coming back
I’m tired of sitting in this chair that always hurts my legs

It’s windy outside
It doesn’t make anything comforting
Being alone
Waiting for you to come home
I don’t know how much longer I will wait for you
But my bag is packed to leave this house
I am tired of sitting
Waiting for you

I can hear the rain falling down
Splashing on the window panes and onto the ground below
Like tears from the skies
Making tiny dropping sounds

I can feel the tears rising
Building up in my eyes
From the pain of missing you

Peppermint Tea

Water boiling
Bubbling away
In a kettle that has just been turned on
Steam gently rising
Forming a white cloud

Teabag in my cup
It’s white with pink and yellow stars
The cup not the teabag
No sugar

I pour water into my cup
Watching the steam rise up
Water changing a different colour
Infusing sweet leaves together.

You Can’t Make Mountains Move

I look at mountains
To see if they start moving
But I don’t see
Anything moving
I can see sun
I can see birds and trees
And they always look just as beautiful as I could imagine them to be
And nature is my favourite of all

I’m surrounded by grass as green as lots of emeralds
Sparkling in the gentle warmness of the sunlight
Animals slightly grazing
Birds carelessly flying around in bright blue skies
Like blue sky noise except it’s all silent without any clouds
It’s a calming thought

You can look at mountains but you can’t make them move, no matter how hard you try
Mountains are so big
All dust and rocks and stones that feels like the sound of toy soldiers
People always want to try and make mountains move
But in the end
I’m not sure
Anyone can

(C) kateelizabethxo 2018 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

I Miss You The Second You Leave

I woke up clutching your pillow
Not feeling you there
Next to me
The scent of you
Where you lay last night has and is gone
Missing you has never been easy
I adored how you sleep
And the way you always fall asleep
The sheets
From this bed
Are cold instead of warm

A pillow is not a hand
A pillow is not a home
Pillows are things you lay your head on
When you go to bed at night
And I can’t go to sleep without you asleep next to me
Your chin resting against my shoulder
I’ve got a smile on my face
As we fall into sleep

We have a love that is original and true
I’m in love with you
Like you are with me
My hand in yours as we sleep
Until the early morning hours
But I miss you the second you leave

(c) kateelizabethxo 2018 All Rights Reserved