i took care of an injured boy

i heard moaning and whimpering
coming from 2 feet away
from me
so i decided to see where it was coming from
and, lying on the pavement
was a boy, curled up in a ball
hands round his head shielding his face like kicks are still being inflicted
but no feet are there
but i can see bruises

i kneel down by him on my knees
to have a better glimpse of this boy
who is scared, in pain, trying to catch his breath back
i ask if he is okay but every word hurts
when he tries to speak
and i tell him he doesn’t need to

i gently help him sit up
i gently kiss his face where it’s not hurt
making him smile and not flinch
as my lips touch his cheek
and they say it’s okay

i take him home with me
sitting him on my couch trying not to hurt him more than he already is
i get my first aid kit
open it and take out the things needed to start cleaning him up
plasters, antiseptic and bandages
i start to clean his bruises and bloody cuts
applying the bandages and plasters on after cleaning him up

i lay my blanket on him as he falls asleep
i don’t know his name
or what happened to him
but i’m taking care of an injured boy

september pt. 2

end of summer
start of autumn
hibernating woodland creatures
sleeping until spring
safe and warm in their dens because they need a place to hide.

air starts to turn colder
from the final throws of summer
mixed with heat from the sun
starting from june through to august
every 365 days a year
but weather can be a funny thing
boiling hot and freezing
tempremental and unpredictable
stormy and sunny

leaves falling from trees swaying in the wind
from the air
pushing it all away

time fades away

i keep seeing everything changing
like it’s disappearing
fading away
like a poem
unwritten without words
from a pen that has run dry and deprived of ink
and the paper is nothing
but a blank canvas

everything stops to change
as if a clock has no hands
and stops time from working
or a door that has been locked
or mourning someone’s passing
and i don’t like to mourn

time fades away
no matter what you do
it always stays