I Miss You The Second You Leave

I woke up clutching your pillow
Not feeling you there
Next to me
The scent of you
Where you lay last night has and is gone
Missing you has never been easy
I adored how you sleep
And the way you always fall asleep
The sheets
From this bed
Are cold instead of warm

A pillow is not a hand
A pillow is not a home
Pillows are things you lay your head on
When you go to bed at night
And I can’t go to sleep without you asleep next to me
Your chin resting against my shoulder
I’ve got a smile on my face
As we fall into sleep

We have a love that is original and true
I’m in love with you
Like you are with me
My hand in yours as we sleep
Until the early morning hours
But I miss you the second you leave

(c) kateelizabethxo 2018 All Rights Reserved



2017 has been a mixed year for me
I laughed
But hardly cried
It took a lot for me to cry
I spent time taking lots of photographs and I fell back in love with poetry and writing
I changed from normal tea to fruit tea and became a vegetarian
I turned another year older in February
And I gained friendships that I think will last a lifetime
I went to Glastonbury and Bath and fell in love with both cities

I bought jumpers and boots and Converse and hats
I dressed up
I dressed down and witnessed my cousin marry his best friend
I went to London
I returned to Wales
I laid flowers and spent time with family

I want 2018 to be one to remember
We’ll see


He was the life and soul of the party
We all needed someone like him
To help us through the darkest times in life
He was always there
To offer a smile
To offer a helping hand
When you always needed it
That was when you knew just how special he was
So wherever you are now
I hope you’ve found what you have tried looking for

The Camera

A camera can hold many secrets
Beautiful secrets
Captured in film
Because film cameras are better than digital ones
Cameras sleep
Then come alive by clicking an on button
You don’t need film with digital cameras
But you do
With film ones
Film cameras are the best type of cameras
Capturing images of
Everything and anything
And as far as that goes
The photographs stay close by you

The camera is a wonderful invention
Without them
You wouldn’t be able to photograph one single thing
And I would hate that
Photos would just be blank
Nothing at all
On them
I like photographs to mean something
I like photographs to have a special meaning
Like an old story
Or a story shared by an old lovely lady
Still happy

I love looking at old photographs
Of how things were
And how things used to be
Not in colour
But in black and white
And I can’t write poems about that

(c) kateelizabethxo 2014-2017 All Rights Reserved

I Would Rather Spend Time With Flowers Than People

I prefer flowers
To people
Because flowers are more interesting than people
I like flowers because they are silent
I like flowers and how they blow gently in the breeze
Petals and leaves swaying
Secretly having conversations with one another
Wondering what these conversations are
And if they mean anything
I guess I’ll never really know

I love flowers for what they are
I’m in love with flowers and all their little things
A reminder of good things
There’s so many hidden things in flowers
I love that
I love how flowers tell so many tales
Like poetry
Flowers are like pieces of poetry
Waiting to be written

If someone were to ask me why I prefer flowers to people
I honestly could not tell you
Because I don’t have an answer to that question
I do not know why
I guess I’ll keep it secret
For now
Until I find the answer
As to why
I would rather spend time with flowers than people

(c) kateelizabethxo 2014-2017 All Rights Reserved

White Roses

People always ask me what colour I like my roses
Or any flowers and I couldn’t tell you
Because I like all roses regardless of what colour they are
I like my roses sweet
Not heavy
But just sweet enough to make me smile
I think roses are beautiful
Alone or with other flowers
I love to be surrounded by the beauty of flowers
There’s nothing more beautiful than the language of flowers

You can’t tell me there’s not anything amazing about flowers
I love smells of the petals
I watch them blowing in the wind
I love to watch roses come alive
Roses are a sanctuary of beauty for me
I can’t deny that

To me there’s nothing more beautiful than the poetry hidden in flowers
I can see how amazing they are

(c) kateelizabethxo 2014-2017 All Rights Reserved