Rain Outside my Window

Laying on my bed

Listening to the rain pouring outside from the sky

Onto the road

Making it sound like tiny footsteps running away

Escaping from something chasing them

The light from the sun shining from my blinds directly onto my bed is making it beautiful

The way it smells after the rain

Is my favourite

All because of the rain outside my window

(C) Kateelizabethxo 2022

Coffee Shops and Rainy Days

Coffee shops are my favourite thing
To escape those cold days
When it starts to rain
I’m at my safest and warmest

People all around me ordering coffee and food to put them in a good mood
Maybe not to feel hungry
But to photograph and put it on their social media
Because isn’t it a cool thing to do?

I find a quiet spot to sit
Staring at the tiny drops of rain trickling down the glass
As if the reflections
Are crying
For the teardrops to stop falling
On a window looking out at the world
Waiting for the rain to stop
And wait for the sun to shine

I love the way coffee shops smell and look, a vintage feel, filled with a warm vibe that warms me up the second I open the shop door
Families and college students
Waiting, queuing in line
To get a hot drink
To warm them up
From stopping their hands getting cold.

And that is why I love coffee shops and rainy days.


I love Autumn
It’s my favourite month
The start of orange, yellow, brown, red
And the end of blue and green and
When the cooler weather begins
And the hot weather fades away

Autumn is
When the leaves start turning from green to brown, and brown to orange and then red
A chill in the air
Leaves crispy and crunching beneath my soles of my shoes
Fragile and delicate
A calm feeling
All around me

A gentle breeze blows silently in the air causing trees to release their leaves and make them fall on the ground
Feeling like they know I’m there
Feeling like they know who i am and my name
But I’m not sure that’s true
And I guess that’s why I’m in love with Autumn

Back in my apartment warm and safe
Chill out music playing softly in the background
Starting to get dark outside
Dim light
Instead of bright lights
Chilly weather instead of hot weather

I will always fall for Autumn
Every time it comes around
And I will miss it
When it leaves again.

(C) Kateelizabethxo 2019


The first time
I went to Paris
I fell in love
With this city that blew me away
Beautiful and magical
Surrounded in wonder at the beauty of Paris
Feeling free
I felt free

Paris is the city of love, did you know?
People fall in love
With the city of Paris
A wonderous captivating city
Like home and away
Returning and coming back
To this city I’ve fallen in love with

From Winter Brings The Spring Again

Is what brings the seasons together
After some time away
From each other
Bringing it all back
To see
How seasons used to be
Take me back

Spring makes me smile
Summer makes the days last longer
Autumn makes me nostalgic
Winter makes the darkness calmer
Filling the world with hope and love

The sun beats down on me like a hot summer’s day
Everything warming up under my body
And it brings me vulnerability
And a sense of peace
With a smile
Reminding how
Perfect the days can be

And that’s saying something

I keep wondering why people call seasons seasons
Is it because
As I am writing this poem
Spring turns into summer
Summer turns into autumn
Autumn turns into winter?
Will I ever find the answer to that one question?
I don’t know, I will keep searching

I will not call seasons
Seasons by their names any more
From now on
I will call it
From winter brings the spring again.

Paint The Roses Purple

I used to vision roses as being white
Just white
Not yellow or red or pink
White only
I saw no other colour that I thought roses could be

I thought roses that were not white were like complicated love or a complicated relationship
Petals that feel fragile that they will wilt if you touch them

Roses are one of the many things people always write stories about
Unfamiliar words
Unveiling secrets
And I want to paint the roses purple

(C) kateelizabethxo 2019