72 hours

i have not seen you for so long
it makes me feel a sense of sadness
a sadness i had never visioned
would hit me
so hard
like a slap to the cheek
i don’t know why
i feel this
great sense of harmony
laced with fragile intricacies
i had never pictured
would hit me this hard

i have not seen you in 72 hours
instead i lie
on my bed
coffee cup in one hand
ready to light a cigarette in the other one
i applaud myself for getting this far

mouthing to myself
why did i let it get this bad?
why did i let it get all so out of hand?
why am i imagining things
i cannot fathom?
my bed has become my home

72 hours feel like 72 years
i am still very intoxicated
from the previous night
you were here with me
laying on top of me
with that familiar scent of
sweat-stained bedsheets
and whatever else
we did
the previous night
you held me so tight
i almost forgot what it
felt like
to keep breathing
but then, looking back to the last 72 hours
i can safely say
your heart is now my home


Author: kateelizabethxoxo

Blogger and Writer

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