nobody’s perfect

are we perfect?
we are not perfect
nobody’s perfect
no one does things
we are perfect at
but we see it
as some kind of
but it all ends up a mess
a silly little mess
of worry and regret
we are not perfect.

we are human
and we all make mistakes because no one can be 100% perfect
and i know we are not.
things can’t be perfect
all the time
things can go wrong
things can go horribly wrong
not being able to undo
everything that
keeps going wrong.

people are not perfect
we are human
we are flesh and blood
we can’t be perfect every single day of our lives
we mess up
we fuck up
we screw up
have done things never to feel proud of
because nobody’s perfect.


Author: kateelizabethxoxo

Blogger and Writer

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