i keep seeing cracks
small cracks
medium cracks
big cracks
cracks which are straight
cracks which are highly endless
cracks that go on forever.
i like cracks that tell a story
cracks who can reveal secrets
and i am the first to find out.

pavement cracks
window cracks
door cracks
can reveal secrets and stories with tales
and what it represents.
cracks don’t judge
cracks don’t lie
cracks never ask anything silly
because cracks don’t ask
because cracks don’t talk.

cracks are not people
nor human beings
cracks are real
and i want to always lay my eyes on cracks.

cracks will always be everywhere
no matter where you walk
wondering if cracks can talk
you can always leave them for the day and return to them the next.
cracks can never be the same, when builders cover them up with very thick concrete
and you can hear their screams
but you can’t do anything
as you hear the cracks dying.

cracks can hide away
cracks are a familiar friend you have not seen for so long
because cracks always remind me…
so much…of him.


Author: kateelizabethxoxo

Blogger and Writer

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