i like lipstick

purple lipstick
red lipstick
pink lipstick
i like lipstick in satin
i like lipstick in cream
i like any lipstick that is shoddily made
i like lipstick as my theme.
i like lipstick counters choosing my colour.
i like lipstick as a danger sign
i like lipstick because i keep seeing it through countless cosmetic campaigns on models in magazines i’ve been flicking through for 2 hours.
i like lipstick because the girl behind the lipstick counter in the department store keeps saying to me.
i like make-up bags filled with lipstick.
lipstick is my best friend
giving me a lease to feel beautiful
but i don’t know what that even is like.

i like lipstick because i’m reminded of pin-up girls and suicide girls wearing lipstick deriving from idols from old hollywood and yesteryear.
it’s beauty i’ve yet to find out because of wearing lipstick.

i like lipstick like beauty counters in big department shops
red lipstick reminds me of blood oozing out of an open wound and the painful mess it leaves.
pink lipstick reminds me of beautiful flowers, roses, tulips and peonies like little harmonies i have yet to fathom.
purple lipstick reminds me of a fresh bruise from being punched in the face, mixed in with yellow and green.

i like lipstick as my go to beauty essential
i like lipstick because it slides on easily and if i had to choose to mix it with nail polish, there’s a possibility i can be both.


Author: kateelizabethxoxo

Blogger and Writer

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