5 am

i’m homesick for those mornings
when all is silent
when the day is beginning
and the early hours are ending
marking the start
of a new day.
streets are always on
a city starting to wake up
the silence is falling quietly
not making a sound
but i actually enjoy that silence

i’m staring into this cup of black coffee that looks like loneliness
and i’ve been staring at it too long
that it’s now gone cold
maybe because coffee is full of loneliness
maybe because there’s not sugar inside of it
sitting alone
in my kitchen
thinking about things that don’t matter
feeling like i’m suffocating but failing to realize…
i am suffocating myself
a heavy heart
a half-lit cigarette in an ashtray
the sound of cars beginning to start
mothers staying at home
children at school
students at college
safe in their happy place

5 am has now been and gone
waiting for the next time it pops up
everything now is as clear as day
and as i wait for it to return, i will be here, ready to welcome it back with open arms

i will go to sleep at midnight
just to wait
until 5 am rolls around again
and when it does
i will savour that little thing called early hours.


Author: kateelizabethxoxo

Blogger and Writer

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