how do people end up covered in bruises?
how do you get bruises?
what is classified as a bruise?
what happens to skin after bruises?
where do they go, do they return, and if so, are bruises worth the pain?
bruises tell so many stories without
really giving a reason
as to why they appear at all
i wish i knew
what the purpose is as to why bruises
appear on our bodies
in the first place.

bruises do not just suddenly appear on a whim, i have had my own fair share of bruises
bruises are like the colour of dark purple liquid lipstick
bruises are like a long line in wait in a coffee shop
bruises are like handwriting in new notebooks from shops that sell stationary, with pens thrown in for good measure
bruises are like marks on the skin of a dead body in an episode of CSI
bruises remind me of purple flowers

bruises remind me of relationship breakups
bruises are like short queues in cafes
bruises feel as if i’m waiting for a flight standing in a shorter line in an airport
but very often
bruises always return to leave and make a mark…


Author: kateelizabethxoxo

Blogger and Writer

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