lost love

it was 2 years
since my boyfriend up and left
i felt like i was a victim
of a messed up, broken lie
feeling alone
oh so damn alone
because of him, we lost our love
i acted as if it was alright
inside my heart was aching
aching for him
my lost love
i had loved for 2 years straight is nothing but somebody i used to know
i lost my grip of you
who i held so tight in my heart that’s still aching for you again
but you left me
for some dumb bitch you claimed was a better lover
in bed
a better fuck
and i am left to wallow, in my own self pity, which is now dirty and contaminated with your own self-loathing.

you are my lost love
2 whole years have never
been the same since you went away
i don’t want that anymore
i don’t want you anymore
our love passed away a long time ago
i will not be your victim of your deceit
i will not be your victim of your scummy lies
i will not be a victim
i am sick of being broken

i am not you
i am not your lost love
fuck you and your fucking deceit
i am done with you.


Author: kateelizabethxoxo

Blogger and Writer

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