i don’t love you anymore

that punch to the face was the end
a mark of your handprint
still raw, still sore
it was the last time i told you
to not lay a finger on me
over and over again
but you misunderstood my warnings
so now we are finished for good

i can’t be a victim of your hands
i can’t be a victim of your lies
i can’t be your victim
i don’t love you anymore
i can’t stay with someone that uses a person as their emotional punch bag
nursing the bruises
the emotional scars
of your fists
hitting my face at a force i never realized
can hurt so much

i’ve been an emotional punch bag
for too long
that i’ve forgotten who i am
i’ve forgotten how it felt like to feel totally free
and not feel alone
that feeling of secretly struggling
having nowhere to go
having life controlled by someone you loved
it’s like you beat me with a book
crying thinking about all the things that
you have held against me
for so long
and wanting for someone new
to save me


Author: kateelizabethxoxo

Blogger and Writer

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