gender fuck

gender fluidity
is not a game
it’s an issue
gender does not have to be an identification
to make a person
who they are
gender fucks do not define them

women don’t always have to prove themselves
to men
to make her feel wanted
men see women as a target to get them
into bed quicker
women are not your property
women are not robots
their bodies are not prisons
they are delicate and sensitive
like flowers floating on water
men need to treat women
with more respect
why am i not surprised?

gender fuck
has no meaning when it is fucked with
it’s not about identifying sexuality
or transgender issues
because transgender people are a
wonderful species
let’s learn to appreciate transgender!

womens bodies are not a prison
womens bodies are not a prison
they are not a toy
women are women
men should not view them as some kind of
object for sex
women are not property
women are not a gender fuck
stop treating them as a gender fuck

i’m sure that’s why i understand
why women don’t always enjoy
being choked having sex
or maybe not having someone else’s body part
lodged in their mouth
it would leave a bad taste
in people’s mouths
but sex is not
a gender fuck

men and woman
woman and woman
man and man
love is love and sex is fluid
and however we chose to celebrate it
sex is never a gender fuck
i prefer the way vagina sounds better than penis
sex to me is a familiar friend
because vagina is a self-cleaning organ
and that’s what identifies a woman

gender fuck
gender fuck
is not sexual fluidity, sexuality is sexuality
and love is love.


Author: kateelizabethxoxo

Blogger and Writer

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