rainy days

rainy days
saturate everything with tiny raindrops
getting soaked in its condensation
getting wet
raindrops making tiny splashes
on the ground

i am missing you
on rainy days
i want to come and see you on this rainy day
but this downpour is getting heavy
the rain is not my friend
you are and i want to see you
rain isn’t going to stop me
wanting to see a friend

rainy days make sunny bright days non existent
nothing ever happens
keep that friend’s number
for rainy damp days
call them for a talk about anything
write something about the rain
and why it gets everything wet
and why it looks like God
is crying

so go out in the rain
with no coat or umbrella
have fun in those rainy puddles
as the water splashes on your rainboots
soaking everything around you
rainy days
are enough for me
there’s a little child inside of me
wanting to play in the rain
because rain means a lot to
so many things


Author: kateelizabethxoxo

Blogger and Writer

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