ten miles

i’ve lately started wondering
why you haven’t talked to me
the way that you used to
you were once so happy
loving life
you blew my mind with how much positivity you had about life
but now
but now you are distant and cold
pushing me away
you are full of negativity and sadness
about everything in the world
your eyes are so sad
you feel like nothing really matters
any more

i still recognize you as the same person
the light has gone out of you
the love has gone out of you
i don’t see anything
in you any more
all i see now is a stranger i used to love and
still do
you can get past
whatever it is that is troubling you
i am here, i love you

what has happened to the person
that runs ten miles
to come visit me?
i am only ten miles from you
i am here, i love you
i don’t know what has happened to my best friend
that has made him so cold and distant
and not in love
with the world any more
his eyes are empty and dark and full of lost love for everything
i got pushed away
by my best friend
i love him but he doesn’t love himself
he has now walked away
and now
ten miles
doesn’t feel real any more


Author: kateelizabethxoxo

Blogger and Writer

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