thoughts on leaving london

foggy smog
thick with pollution
smearing my insides
like toxic fumes
coating my lungs like tar
stifling and burning
choking until it becomes so hard to breathe
you gasp for air
arms flailing looking for something to grab

someone asked me what leaving london is like
i said i’ve never left
because it’s my home
but if i did i would walk away until all the dirty air is pushed out
cars and other methods of transport
infecting the air like pollution
so bad
you can taste it

london can sometimes be good
but all that smog can harm health
too much noise
too much violence and hate
going on destroying families and friends
a downside of london
so if i could ever leave london
i am always going to say no
it is my home
and i could never leave

so when someone asks you
could you ever leave your city?
say no
because it’s your home
where you were born
where you were raised
and it’s your home
you can never leave


Author: kateelizabethxoxo

Blogger and Writer

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