finding you feels like coming home

in my strange little world
i knew something was a miss
a weird but
wonderful feeling that i can’t find
but it is there
i know it is and i have to find out what it is
what is it that’s searching for me?
what is it that’s trying to meet me?
who are you
what are you seeking
tell me who you are, i want to know who you are
and why you’re here
there’s something about you
that is drawing me to you
it’s like i’m under a spell
but it’s invisible to me

i can see you
you are a thing of beauty
a thing of individuality
an ethereal wonder
i’m staring at you
enticed by your presence
mesmerized by your whole entire being
i’m taken over by you
i think i want it
more than anything
except i don’t know your name

finally you take my hand
and lead me
from my world to yours
it’s full of beautiful things i could never picture
you happily smile at me
like you want me here
in your world
it seems more exciting
than mine
i am now a part of it
i never expected you to find me
but you did
and after all
finding you feels like coming home


Author: kateelizabethxoxo

Blogger and Writer

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