my bad memory

you came into my life
faster than you walked out of it
consuming my thoughts
with damaging energy
over and over again
you drag me down like a ton of bricks
taking over my thoughts
yet again
and i so don’t want it
you took away everything from me and it’s killing me inside
i’m trying to be alright
with that
but i’m not happy you are gone
and taken everything away from me
that is so hurtful to me it hurts me

my life has now become
a mess of
stale cigarette ash and stone cold coffee
the mark of the rings
from my mug
is all too familiar yet again
like the last time
i left my mug stuck on the table

it’s not the same anymore
it’s all gone
feeling like the wind has blown out a candle that won’t light up again
a sense of sadness
the feeling of helplessness
i once forgot has come back
forcing its way in
the lock is loose
the door is trembling
but behind it
there’s no one there
when you think there’s someone there, but there isn’t
it’s a strange feeling
to know

but now
all this has faded away
into a mound of nothing
clearing into smoke
then disappearing
into invisible things
i am unable to see
it’s a messy situation
of you and me
and it’s your fault
you started it
you started this
i can’t control it and neither can you
i am relieved you’re away from my life
i regret allowing you back in
and thankyou
you will always be
a bad memory


Author: kateelizabethxoxo

Blogger and Writer

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