i’m stuck on my floor
as if it’s drenched in superglue
unable to get up
no matter how hard i try
i am completely stuck
on my floor
i am stiff
limbs tight to move
forced to lie on this ground
that is covered with superglue

it hurts when i try to prise myself from my floor that is drenched in superglue
skin breaking and ripping
from trying to break free from my sticky prison
but i will take the pain
of this sticky prison that is holding me down

but superglue can’t hold me down forever
as its grip on me is finally starting to loosen at last and i am relieved i’m starting to escape my sticky prison
finally everything is feeling free
i am myself again
and suddenly
i am able to walk away from that sticky imprisonment that was superglue.


Author: kateelizabethxoxo

Blogger and Writer

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