Chocolate Spread & Peanut Butter

I put my bagel in my toaster
Ready to smother it in butter
My knife at the ready in my hand
To dip into that yellow stuff that looks and smells like sunshine
To melt on hot bread straight out toasters
Hot and then warm

My bagel pops up
Brown and very slightly burnt at the edges
Warming up my hands with love
And sweat from feeling how warm it is
And all about to be covered in breakfast items
Oh so delicious

Butter spreads on the warm bread
I watch it melt and run into every inch like honey and liquid gold
Runny and translucent
And when you pick it up it all drips onto the plate like tiny puddles

Chocolate spread and peanut butter are not the same thing
You can mix them together
It’s a real treat
It would be so easy to eat



Author: kateelizabethxoxo

Blogger and Writer

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