There was a time
When I would have said no to taking a bath
The shower was my best friend
Who knew exactly what my needs were
When it came to feeling clean
My bathtub was my enemy
Not my friend
I pushed it away
I refused
Because I loved the way the water fell on my head
It made me feel safe
My bathtub wants to try to love me

I decide to face the bathtub
I decide to brave the bathtub I keep on calling an enemy for years
So I just do it
I decide to face my worst fear…
My bathtub

I put the plug into the plughole
I’m still unsure
As I pour water from the taps and watch it run out
Watching it flow like poetry
I start to smile
As the steam from the hot water catches my face
I smile again
My bathtub wants to love me
I’m trying to love my bathtub back

I undress
And my whole body feels warm
I smile
Feeling a sense of happiness
I put a bathbomb in
The water turns to hues of yellow and pink and green
I’m not sure if it means anything
Colourful swirls of mystery so beautiful it refuses to speak
My bathtub is trying to love me
As I sink down into this new experience that I had never known because I always took showers
It spoke to me
In a language only I could understand
My shower was in love
With me
And it loved me…



Author: kateelizabethxoxo

Blogger and Writer

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