You lay in your hospital bed
From your accident that left you battered and bruised when that motorcycle left you for dead and alone
I stay by your side holding your hand in my own
Trying to hold back tears
As I keep your hand in mine
It’s cold but being kept warm
Waiting still keeping a tight grip on you to wake up
Oh how I want you to wake up
I hate seeing you in this state
I hate seeing you broken and in pain
But I stay with you

I hate the smell of hospitals
I always have
Sterile and horrible and the smell of disinfectant
The smell heavy of it heavy in my nostrils
As I walk back to your bedside
Hoping you’ll be awake

You are not here any more
Your bed is empty from where you were lying peaceful and silent
And now nothing
No life inside of you or inside your body which is gone
But at least I got to kiss you and tell you I loved you before you went upstairs
I miss you already
God is taking care of you now
Keeping you safe with the angels
I love you

I look at a photograph of you and me
It hurts my heart now you’re not here
I want you to come back
But you can’t.

(C)Kateelizabethxo 2014-2017 All Rights Reserved


Author: kateelizabethxoxo

Blogger and Writer

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