Morning Dawn

I’m asleep
When my clock hits 4 every morning
2 hours before it starts to get even remotely light
The bedsheets of my bed are warm with the heat of my body language like self loving empathy
Bare feet cold and now warm
The sound of the milkman’s lorry outside houses
Delivering milk for breakfast for parents to feed their children
Starting the day the right way.

My eyes are heaving with sleep and that familiar feeling
Of waking up but not yet fully awake yet
But doesn’t everyone feel like this as they wake up?
I feel alive as I wake up
I face a new day after being fast asleep for so many hours
Tranquil and peaceful
It secretly leaves a smile on my face as this new day begins
And the day yesterday finishes.

I sit up from my warmness of my bed
My room is cold as cold air hits my bare shoulders after sleeping for so long
The cold hits my cheeks
Without warning but that’s alright to me
Because that means everyone has to face the brand new day
People start getting up
Getting out of bed
Into their bathroom
Going down for breakfast after getting dressed to go to work
Finishing eating and going to the office all day
But that is not why I’m writing this poem, oh no
I’m writing this poem because it’s peaceful.

My partner brings me tea and flowers
As a sign and token
Of his love for me
To know he chose me and no other girl
He is mine
I am his and I say thankyou by gently planting a small kiss on his cheek
His skin feeling like the warmth of the sun starting to warm up
God knows I’m in love with him

I wake up at 4 again
Smiling as it starts to get light outside
I can hear birds singing and chirping
As they start their day
And I would have asked for no more than to wake up at 4 am.

(C) Kateelizabethxo 2014-2017 All Rights Reserved


Author: kateelizabethxoxo

Blogger and Writer

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