Forests And Coffee

I wake up early the next morning
The love of my life still asleep
In those warm blankets we share together
Wrapped in body heat of our bodies
Embraced in soft sheets and pillows on this big mattress
As morning light pours through cracks from these thin curtains onto the walls
A smile crosses my face
Staying there until my mouth is tired from smiling too much, which is okay, because I like to smile.

Don’t we all?
Don’t we all like to happy instead of being miserable? Let’s just say, I like being happy of my own accord, in my own way. In my mind, I want to live in happiness and not just living to experience it.
Being happy is meaningful
Being happy is nostalgic and sometimes empathetic
We have to learn to let go
Let go of being miserable and grab hold of being happy
Because it’s very hard to get it back once it’s taken away

I get out of our bed and into something warm
The cold snap hitting the back of my neck as I walk out the bedroom and into the tiny kitchen to put coffee on and then make it. I like my coffee bittersweet, I always have.

How do you like yours?

I can feel this tiny kitchen filling up with that familiar scent of coffee and the look of steam rising so it looks like mist.
Mist like thin fog
That always stays for a while
Then disappears
Then leaves everything alone again
But it doesn’t make me sad
It makes me realize that it was there
With me

My lover has now woken up and comes to join me
She kisses my cheek and says she loves me before I give coffee to her
In her favourite mug she loves so much
It makes her smile
It makes me smile to see how much love she has for this mug
How it makes her hands super warm
When I put her favourite coffee or herbal tea inside of it
I see her face light up
It’s a beautiful thing to see
I love her

We open the door to be surrounded by forests
Miles and miles
Of beautiful trees
Tall and enchanting, truthful and mysterious
Because trees can tell so many stories that we can always hear
Like it’s being spoken in a different language
To inspire poetry hiding in the leaves
To inspire poems like this
This is a poem

Forests and coffee are always being mentioned everywhere you look
You can’t escape that because it’s everywhere
And it reminds me of you.

(C) Kateelizabethxo 2014-2017 All Rights Reserved


Author: kateelizabethxoxo

Blogger and Writer

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