Another Day

My bathroom
Is warm and safe
Keeping me wrapped in hot water
In my white bathtub
While the rain gently splatters against the window from the outside
Disconnecting from everything
Keeping out the cold

As I get out from my hot blanket the bathroom feels really warm than what it was
My towels feel like they’ve been warmed up by the sun
Warm towels are the best
I like how soft they feel

My partner is downstairs making pasta and sauce
Pasta boiling on the stove
Sauce gently simmering on a hot cooker ring
Tomatoes and the slightest hint of garlic wafting in the air
My mouth watering at the thought of that
We eat together
Warm food in our plates
Until there’s nothing left

Warm bedroom
Candles lit
We fall asleep like it was just another day

(C) Kateelizabethxo 2014-2017 All Rights Reserved


Author: kateelizabethxoxo

Blogger and Writer

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